May 26, 2018

Scan_ffs recovers lost disklabel

scan_ffs8 recovers accidential lost or deleted disklabels.

This is the life-saver of typos. If you have ever been working too long, and just happened to type ‘disklabel -rw da0 floppy’, instead of ‘diskla- bel -rw fd0 floppy’, you know what I am talking about.

This little program will take a raw disk device which you might have to create that covers the whole disk, and finds all probable UFS/FFS parti- tions on the disk. It has various options to make it go faster, and to print out information to help in the reconstruction of the disklabel.

Ported from OpenBSD to FreeBSD 4/5 with support for UFS1 and UFS2.