May 26, 2018

GUI to dvd+rw-tools and cdrecord

TkDVD is a GUI to dvd+rw-tools and cdrecord. It allows burnning CDs and DVDs easily.


  • View the current command line that will be used to burn the CD/DVD
  • Burn CD/DVD from iso images
  • Create ISO images from files and CD/DVD
  • CD/DVD Copy
  • Can overburn CD/DVD
  • Support multi session CD/DVD
  • Add/delete/exclude file/directories and show current used space
  • Can keep directory structure
  • Options to choose iso9660 filesystem extension like Joliet or RockRidge extensions
  • Prevent burning if used space > DVD+R/RW capacity
  • Show output of growisofs/mkisofs to view burned and estimated remaining time

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