May 26, 2018

UCSPI tools for building local-domain client-server applications

ipcserver and ipcclient are command-line tools for building local-domain client-server applications. They conform to the UNIX Client-Server Program Interface, UCSPI.

ipcserver listens for connections on a local-domain stream socket, and runs a program for each connection it accepts. The program environment includes variables that hold the local and remote socket addresses, and the effective user and group IDs of the process that called connect. ipcserver offers a concurrency limit on acceptance of new connections, and selective handling of connections based on client identity.

ipcclient requests a connection to a local-domain socket, and runs a program. The program environment includes a variable that holds the local socket address.

ipcperl is an example of an ipchandle server. It invokes a perl subroutine for each request.

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