Jul 20, 2023

x2x allows the keyboard and mouse on one “from” X display to be used to control another “to” X display. Since x2x uses the XTEST extension, the “to” X display must support XTEST.

In the default interface, x2x puts a window on the “from” display. This window is labeled with the name of the “to” display. Keystrokes typed into this window go to the window on the “to” display that has the input focus. Clicking on the x2x window causes the mouse on the “from” display to control the cursor on the “to” display. Perform- ing a subsequent multiple button click on the “to” display returns control to the “from” display.

If the -east or -west options are specified on the command line, x2x starts up with a different interface. When the mouse moves to the east or west side of the default screen on the “from” display, the cursor slides over to the “to” display. When the mouse returns to to side of the “to” display that it entered, it slides back onto the “from” display.

Unless the -nosel option is specified, x2x relays X selections from one display to the other.

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