May 26, 2018

Sendmail milter wich uses McAfee Virus Scan or clamav

Sendmail milter wich uses Mcafee Virus Scan

The milter recives messages from sendmail, and saves them as a file in a directory. The directory name and the file name are the “$i” queue identifier from Sendmail, making it easier to identify them. Once the entire message has been received, the milter runs “ripmime” on the file to extract any attachments. If rupmime returns without an error then it will run “uvscan” on the diretory to scan all the files in it. If uvscan returns an error, then the milter will look for viruses output from uvscan, and reject the message reporting which viruses were found. If viruses were found then the entire directory is moved to quarantine, otherwise it is deleted.

The milter also does extention checks. Certain extentions are blocked completely. In specific, extenions of .scr, .vbs, .pif, and .com are blocked.

Author gave permission to distribute it with BSD-License 2004-01-05.