May 26, 2018


xpbiff fancy biff program under X11 environment, supporting Japanese MIME extensions

This port supports Japanese strings in the From and Subject fields. Please set the LANG enviroment variable to ja_JP.EUC or ja_JP.SJIS by doing
	setenv LANG ja_JP.EUC
	setenv LANG ja_JP.SJIS
There is experimental support for Sun audio.  This port also supports XPM bitmap files.

known problem 1 HANKAKU-KANA with ja_JP.EUC Xpbiff dumps core, because code conversion routines jis2euc assumes “the conversion does not makes the string longer”. But when converting so-called ‘hankaku-kana’, this assumption breaks.

This problem is only with ja_JP.EUC.
If you use with ja_JP.SJIS, this problem is not occure.

Thank you.