May 26, 2018

CGI-based Virtual Qmail Domains Administrator

vqadmin is a web based cgi program. It allows system administrators to perform actions which require root access. The cgi is authenticated using Apache style htpasswd files. Root access is required for adding and deleting domains. A user based ACL provides control over what actions can be performed, such as adding/deleting a domain. Accessing user email account information to allow modification of user passwords and quota’s. Account service restrictions include enabling or disabling of pop access, authentication based smtp relay control, courier-imap access and sqwebmail access.

vqadmin and qmailadmin can work together. qmailadmin can be used to allow users to administer thier own domains but not create new domains. Creation or deletion of domains is normally associated with the owner/admin’s of the machine. vqadmin is for onwer/admin’s or their technical support staff.

Features . Add / Delete virtual email domains. . Change user passwords, quota’s. . Turn off account services such as pop, imap, web email or smtp relay.