May 26, 2018

Courier SMTP IMAP POP3 HTTP mail server suite

Courier is a modular multiprotocol mail server that’s designed to strike a balance between reasonable performance, flexibility and features

  • Can be configured to function as an intermediate mail relay, or as a mail server that receives mail for one or more domains, or anything in between.
  • Web-based administration and configuration tool.
  • Uses an efficient maildir format as its native mail storage format. Some support is provided for legacy mbox mailboxes.
  • STARTTLS ESMTP extension as well as IMAP/POP3/Webmail over SSL in both the client and the server requires OpenSSL. The ESMTP client can optionally require that the remote server’s X.509 certificate is signed by a trusted root CA a default set of root CAs is provided.
  • Mailboxes can be accessed via POP3, IMAP, SMAP, and HTTP.
  • A faxmail gateway that forwards E-mail messages via fax.
  • Courier includes a mailing list manager.
  • PAM, LDAP, PostgreSQL, or MySQL authentication.
  • Authenticated SMTP.
  • Integrated mail filtering.

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