May 26, 2018

Mail format/encoding converter

Emil is a filter for converting Internet Messages. It supports three basic formats MIME, SUN Mailtool and RFC822. It can be used with sendmail, as a loopback mailer, as a prefilter or backend program with a mail client program, or as a plain filter. Conversion can be configured by a configuration file,, using sender, recipient and recipient host as input parameters or by command line arguments.

Emil is able to

  • convert the format, headers and structure, between messages of type MIME, Sun Mailtool and RFC822.
  • convert the encoding of binary data between Base64, BinHex and Uuencode.
  • convert the encoding of text to and from the MIME encoding Quoted-Printable.
  • convert character set of text between the character sets made available by Keld J. Simonsens strncnv package.
  • do one-way conversions of 8bit text to the Swedish national variant of ISO-646 or to US-ASCII.
  • convert to and from RFC1522 format headers.