May 26, 2018


exmh is a TCL/TK based interface to the MH mail system. It provides the usual layer on top of MH commands, as well as many other features

MIME support!  Displays richtext and enriched directly.
Color feedback in the scan listing.
A colour coded folder display with one label per folder.
Smart scan caching.  News read/post.  koi8-r support.
Facesaver bitmap display.  Ispell support.
Background inc.  You can set exmh to run inc periodically.
Searching over folder listing and message body.
A dialog-box interface to MH pick.
An editor with emacs-like bindings and MIME support.
Glimpse interface.  You can index all your mail with glimpse
   and search for messages by content.
User preferences.  You can tune exmh through a dialog box.
User hacking support.  A user library of TCL routines is supported.

IMPORTANT exmh depends on the TK send facility for its background processing. With TK 3.3, send now uses xauthority mechanisms by default, unless you compile TK with -DTK_NO_SECURITY. Generally, this means that you MUST must run xdm to start your Xserver.

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