May 26, 2018

Qmail, postfix, sendmail, exim MTA log analysis program

Isoqlog is an MTA log analysis program written in C.It designed to scan qmail, postfix, sendmail logfile and produce usage statistics in HTML format for viewing through a browser.It produces Top domains output according to Incoming, Outgoing, total mails and bytes, it keeps your main domain mail statistics with Days Top Domain, Top Users values for per day, per month, and years.


  • Multi MTA supportqmail multilog and syslog, postfix, sendmail, exim
  • Multi-domain support Shows quite detailed statistics for not only your main domain, but also, any domain you want.
  • Displays statistics for common mail delivery errors.
  • For each domain you specify; displays Top incoming, outgoing, total and byte based statistics for users.
  • Displays server’s activity based on incoming, outgoing, total mails and size of incoming mail, for domain and its users.
  • All days’, all months’, all years’ activities above ones are stored for future inspection.
  • Multi-language Support 17 languages supported as of isoqlog 2.1.1!

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