May 26, 2018

Mailing list archiver

Lurker is not just another mailing list archiver. It is capable of handling gigabytes of mail without slowing down. Lurker has been designed to scale to support sites with thousands of concurrent users and hundreds of new messages a second. If you run a high-volume mailing list archive, you should seriously consider lurker for this alone.

To facilitate finding interesting data, lurker supports

* full keyword search by body, subject, author, ...
* a graphical representation of message relationships
* charts of the current activity about a topic
* searching lists or queries around an estimated time
* signature verification to confirm the author
* messages markup to find related information

As one would expect, lurker also supports file attachments, multiple languages, message threading, gpg key photo ids, a transactional database, automatic timezone detection, render caching, xml customization with xslt and css, multiple front-ends 3-tier deployment, and many other buzz words.

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