May 26, 2018

Mail server for hosts, not permanently connected to the internet

MasqMail is a mail server designed for hosts that do not have a permanent internet connection eg. a home network or a single host at home. It has special support for connections to different ISPs. It replaces sendmail or other MTAs such as qmail or exim.


* Delivers only when online to a destination 'outside' your LAN
* Support for multiple Providers ie. Mail Servers, or direct delivery
* Rewriting of Return addresses Return-Path, From, Reply-To,
configurable for each Provider separately
* can also be used as a Mail Server on a LAN
* alias support
* delivery to pipes
* delivery to MDAs eg. procmail
* Maildir support version >= 0.2.5
* routing depending on sender
* AUTH RFC 2554 support as client, since version 0.1.0
* SMTP-after-POP
* POP3 client
* POP3 client daemon fetch mail in regular intervals if online

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