May 26, 2018

RFC 822 mail message parsing library and rewriting utilities

mess822 is a library for parsing Internet mail messages. The mess822 package contains several applications that work with qmail

  • ofmipd rewrites messages from dumb clients. It supports a database of recognized senders and From lines, using cdb for fast lookups.
  • new-inject is an experimental new version of qmail-inject. It includes a flexible user-controlled hostname rewriting mechanism.
  • iftocc can be used in .qmail files. It checks whether a known address is listed in To or Cc.
  • 822header, 822field, 822date, and 822received extract various pieces of information from a mail message.
  • 822print converts a message into an easier-to-read format.

mess822 supports the full complexity of RFC 822 address lists, including address groups, source routes, spaces around dots, etc. It also supports common RFC 822 extensions backslashes in atoms, dots in phrases, addresses without host names, etc. It extracts each address as an easy-to-use string, with a separate string for the accompanying comment.

mess822 converts RFC 822 dates into libtai’s struct caltime format. It supports numeric time zones, the standard old-fashioned time zones, and many nonstandard time zones.

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