May 26, 2018

Scalable high-performance GUI Internet Mail User Agent

Mulberry is back under new ownership and is now available for FREE!

Mulberry is a high-performance, scalable, and graphically groovy internet mail client. It uses the IMAP IMAP4rev1, IMAP4, and IMAP2bis protocol for accessing mail messages on a server, the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages, and does lots and lots of things with MIME parts for mixed text and “attachments” of many different types of files and data. Support for POP3 and Local accounts, full disconnected IMAP support, PGP/GPG, SSL/STARTTLS, local and SIEVE support for filtering and much more!

Please note that there is no official support for Mulberry now - community support via mailing lists and other such resources will be used instead.

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