May 26, 2018

Advanced manipulation of IMAP services w/ referral support

This module was created as a low-level inteface to any IMAP server. It was built to be a ‘clear box’ solution to working with an IMAP environment. The idea is that anything an IMAP client should be able to do, and any information available via the IMAP specs, should be available to a client interface and user. This way, the full strength of the IMAP protocol and data can be utilized, ideally in the most network-efficient mannger possible, rather than being contrained only to a subset of commands or data-limited responses. If the server says it, the client should be able to see it.

This module also takes steps to be able to handle anticipated situations for the user rather than forcing a per-implementation behavior for such expected events, such as referrals. IMAPClient will fully support referrals, and will transparently handle them for whatever command is issued to them so long as the referral s for anonymous or the same user with the same password - a new user or different password would require a new username/password to be obtained. As of 0.01, this is not supported, however the framework is down.

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