May 26, 2018

Set of perl5 modules for MIME

This collection of modules provides perl5 access methods related to MIME. It includes the following modules

MIMEBody MIMEDecoder MIMEDecoderBase64 MIMEDecoderBinHex MIMEDecoderBinary MIMEDecoderGzip64 MIMEDecoderNBit MIMEDecoderQuotedPrint MIMEDecoderUU MIMEEntity MIMEFieldConTraEnc MIMEFieldContDisp MIMEFieldContType MIMEFieldParamVal MIMEHead MIMEIO MIMELatin1 MIMEParser MIMEParserBase MIMEToolUtils MIMETools MIMEWords

Warning This module is very slow for at least some large mails, is derived from Mail-Tools, and has at least some mail-specific parts.

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