May 26, 2018

Qmail queue diagnostic and repair tool

queue_repair features include

  • automatic, dynamic determination of UIDs and GIDs.

  • automatic, dynamic determination of conf-split; can be overridden on the commandline to change the conf-split of an existing queue without running a parallel, temporary instance of qmail for queuelifetime. Just recompile and stop qmail, run queue-repair, and restart qmail.

  • automatic, dynamic determination of use of big-todo; can be overridden on the commandline to change an existing queue as above.

  • handles basic tasks like fixing a queue restored from backups, incorrect ownership or permissions of directories and files, missing or extra split subdirectories, unexpected files or other direntries, or creating a valid queue from scratch.

  • can run in repair or test report-only modes. The default is test mode.

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