May 26, 2018

Command-line interface to Paul Vixie’s RBL filter

This program is a very basic interface to Paul Vixie’s RBL filter. The basic idea of the filter is that when someone is blacklisted for an email abuse, a new domain name is resolved in the form of “”, where “a.b.c.d” is actually the IP address “d.c.b.a”. For example, if the IP address were listed as a blacklisted address, “” would have a DNS entry this is a real example; that address is in place as a verification mechanism.

For more information about the RBL blacklist, please take a look at http// . For more information about BIND, drop by http// . The official home page for rblcheck is at http// .

Any ideas, bugfixes, or porting notes should be sent to me at “”. Don’t bug the MAPS people about this; they didn’t write it, and probably wouldn’t like getting a bunch of mail about it.

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