May 26, 2018

Sendmail LibMilter filter to block spam

Spamilter is a Sendmail milter written entierly in C, and therefore is faster and less cpu intensive than other interperative based solutions.

It blocks spam using the following methods; * Configurable Realtime DNS Blacklists * Sender Address verification * Configurable Black and White lists * Invalid MTA hostname verfication * Basic Virus/Worm file attachment rejection for files ending in .pif, .scr, etc.. via MsExtChk filter * SPF via libspf * Realtime firewall blocking of MTA hosts with invalid host names via MtaHostIpfw filter * Realtime rate limited connection blocking via firewall rule injection

All actions are logged via syslog with both the sender and the recipient. From this, report generation and notification to recipients showing activity becomes extremely simple.

LICENSE BSD 4-clause Copyright 2003 - Neal Horman. All rights reserved. This product includes software developed by Neal Horman.

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