May 26, 2018

Python-based SPAM reduction system

Tagged Message Delivery Agent TMDA is designed to significantly reduce the amount of spam junk-mail you receive. TMDA strives to be more effective, yet less time-consuming than traditional spam filters.

The technical countermeasures used by TMDA to thwart spam include

  • whitelists accept mail from known, trusted senders
  • blacklists refuse mail from undesired senders
  • challenge/response allows unknown senders which aren’t on the whitelist or blacklist the chance to confirm that their message is legitimate non-spam
  • tagged addresses special-purpose e-mail addresses such as time-dependent addresses, or addresses which only accept certain kinds of communication. These increase the transparency of TMDA for unknown senders by allowing them to safely circumvent the challenge/response system.

TMDA can also be used as a general purpose local mail delivery agent to filter, sort, deliver and dispose of incoming mail.

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