May 26, 2018

Virtual domain manager for qmail

VMailMgr short for Virtual MAIL ManaGeR is a package of programs designed to manage multiple domains of mail addresses and mailboxes on a single host. It co-operates with qmail for mail delivery and program control. It features

* A password checking interface between qmail-popup and qmail-pop3d which
replaces the usual checkpassword, as well as an authentication module for
Courier IMAP, that provide access to the virtual mailboxes by one of three
      o IP-based virtual server access invisible to the POP3 user
      o username-based access username-virtualuser
      o hostname-based access or
* CDB-based password tables to speed up access for domains of any size.
* Tools to setup a virtual domain, add and delete individual virtual users
  and aliases, and to change passwords.  CGI programs to accomplish the
* above tasks from a set of web pages.
* A native PHP library to complement or replace the CGIs.
* A daemon process that securely directs the operation of the CGIs and PHP
* A separate delivery agent that automatically deals with any address
  inside a virtual domain from a single .qmail-default file.

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