May 26, 2018

NoCeM for C News and INN

                  c-nocem - NoCeM for C News and INN

This is a program for the easy and efficient application of the NoCeM protocol on the news spool. Which means, articles for which a NoCeM with “action=hide” is accepted, will be deleted from your news system as if they had been cancelled. With the installation described below, these will be processed as fast as possible and should work like real cancels.

Unlike the standard implementation of NoCeM, this version is optimized for the most common case of “spam cancels”. In fact, it can do nothing else. It can not be run by a normal user, it does not need or manipulate state like .newsrc files, it processes only “hide” actions, and that only by actually deleting the articles.

c-nocem is designed for easy setup and fast run and needs no maintenance.

The software is in the public domain.

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