May 26, 2018

Threaded nntp newsreader for X

Knews is a threaded newsreader with an X Window interface that uses NNTP to get news. Threads are displayed in a graphical tree. Full support for reading MIME articles, except message/partial. o Background threading of newsgroups o Doesn’t have to read the active file or group descriptions on startup o A mechansim for reading the spool directory o Kill file support with color blobs o Regular expression searching in articles and the newsgroup list o XPAT searching o Can use different fonts and colors for quoted text and headers in articles o Lots of action procedures that can be tied to keys. o Supports multiple nntp servers o Tagging of articles and saving or piping them in order o Uudecode function. Not perfect, but handles most cases o article text widget is able to display wide-character fonts o article tree has a ‘vertical’ layout by popular demand o experimental Decoding of 16 bit encoded charsets o Mailcap file support o save thread data between sessions o article prefetch cache and ‘trailing’ cache o Less restrictive locking of the interface o Message-id lookup of articles

LICENSE GLP2 or later