May 26, 2018

PGP Moose - signatures for moderated newsgroups

PGP Moose / by Greg Rose

The aim of this software is to monitor the news postings of moderators of USENET newsgroups, and to automatically cancel forged messages purporting to be approved. This can be extended to the approvals of individual users to automatically cancel messages that appear without having been authorised by the user. This has obviously been prompted by the recent spammings and other events. This software and protocol is designed around cryptographic signatures. The protocol is designed to allow the use of different signature techniques. This implemention assumes the use of PGP signatures, but can be easily modified to use others, such as the Digital Signature Standard. PGP was chosen for its widespread availability around the world. PGP, the crux of the cryptographic software, was written by Phil Zimmermann, who otherwise has nothing to do with this. The cryptographic framework was written by Greg Rose, as were the INN news system hooks.

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