Jul 20, 2023

Compact Finite Element Analysis System

What is Z88?

Z88 is a fast, powerful and compact Finite Elements Analysis Program especially designed for PCs, workstations and large computers with UNIX and PCs with Windows XP/95.


# Z88 features 20 finite element types.
# It covers plane stress, plate bending, axial symmetric
structures and spacial structures up to 20-node Serendipity hexahedrons.
# Comes with a user-friendly interface the Z88 Commander.
# Has a powerful mesh generator.
# Features a DXF converter and two plot programs.
# Contains the FEA solver featuring an in-situ Cholesky solver along
with the Jennings storage method.
# For large structures the new iteration solver is recommended.
# The import of COSMOS and NASTRAN files from Pro/ENGINEER with
option Pro/MECHANICA is possible.

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