Jul 20, 2023

Multicast shared co-navigation library for Bible programs

This is a C++ single class library encapsulating a protocol conduit. The premise is that there is a local network over which to multicast Bible navigation, and someone, possibly several someones, will transmit, and others will receive. The choices for when you decide to xmit and what to do when you recv are up to you as the application designer.

Access to the conduit is by creating the object, setting the mode, calling Transmit to xmit nav events, and arranging the frequent polling of Receive to recv nav events. There is more than just navigation to be handled; there are live/dead events for potential Speakers as well as mismatches, presence announcements, and errors. There is a programming reference biblesync.7 which explains the details, both from a high level view of the essentials of the protocol’s behavior and at a low level of how you create, access, and use the conduit class. The single BibleSync object should persist throughout the life of your application, but at any time you can set the mode to “disable,” and preferably stop the receive polling, and then re-enable it later as the user needs.

Much work has been done in integrating this library into its first application, Xiphos. It is useful to examine Xiphos’ code to see where and how integration has been done. Get a Xiphos source tree using git clone https//

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