Jul 20, 2023

Browse I18N capable UNIX manual pages with Mule, Emacs, and XEmacs

This code provides a function, i18n-man', with which you can browse UNIX manual pages. Formatting is done in background so that you can continue to use your Emacs while processing is going on. The mode also supports hypertext-like following of manual page SEE ALSO references, and other features. See below or do ?’ in a manual page buffer for details.

For working with Japanese, English and German, put your dot.emacs file following

autoload ‘jman “i18n-man-ja” nil t autoload ‘eman “i18n-man-en” nil t autoload ‘dman “i18n-man-de” nil t


M-x jman to get a Japanese manual page thru jman1 and put it in a buffer. M-x eman to get a English manual page thru man1 and put it in a buffer. M-x dman to get a German manual page thru man1 and put it in a buffer.

If you want byte-compile with your favorite “Emacs”, use “byte-comile” script as

# cd /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp # /usr/local/share/doc/prom-mew/byte-compile xemacs-mule i18n-man-ja i18n-man-ja.el i18n-man.el

For usage of byte_compile scripts, run byte_compile with -h option.

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