Jul 20, 2023

Advanced replacement for write/mesg

This implementation of the Unix write program adds many nice features while remaining close to the standard Unix program in spirit. It has been heavily used on M-Net since 1985 and on Grex since 1991, as well as a few other systems. It is a ground-up reimplementation using no proprietary code. It’s available under a Berkeley-style license no charge, no restriction on commercial use, just don’t take my name off of it. The current version is fairly portable.

Orville write was written for use on M-Net and Grex, both public access Unix systems in Ann Arbor. As such, many of the features are designed to support a system featuring a delicate mix of novice users and hostile pranksters, plus a lot of people who just want to talk. It’s user interface is pretty much identical to the normal write program, but it offers many extensions and improvements.

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