Jul 20, 2023

Counts physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)

SLOCCount can count physical SLOC for a wide number of languages. It can gracefully handle awkward situations in many languages, for example, it can determine the syntax used in different assembly language files and adjust appropriately, it knows about Python’s use of string constants as comments, and it can handle various Perl oddities e.g., perlpods, here documents, and Perl’s END marker. It even has a “generic” SLOC counter that you may be able to use count the SLOC of other languages depending on the language’s syntax.

SLOCCount can also take a large list of files and automatically categorize them using a number of different heuristics. The heuristics automatically determine if a file is a source code file or not, and if so, which language it’s written in. It will even examine file headers to attempt to accurately determine the file’s true type. As a result, you can analyze large systems completely automatically.

Finally, SLOCCount has some report-generating tools to collect the data generated, and then present it in several different formats and sorted different ways. The report-generating tool can also generate simple tab- separated files so data can be passed on to other analysis tools such as spreadsheets and database systems.

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