Jul 20, 2023

Tool for binary data visualization and analysis

Veles is an open source tool for binary data analysis.


  • Binary data visualization It is a very difficult task for a human to notice subtle patterns in large amounts of binary data, however, us humans are very good at finding patterns in images. Statistical visualizations let you find the important bits in a sea of binary data - all at a glance.

  • Binary data analysis Veles combines advanced hex explorer and data visualization features with an extensible framework for binary data analysis. Reverse engineering binaries? Veles can support your work in these fields reverse engineering binaries, exploring file system images, steganography.

  • Easy extendibility With the number of different architectures, file formats and encodings you can’t always expect to find the tool you need online. Veles uses client-server architecture, where each analyser can run in a separate process. All you need to do is get the data from the server, implement a Python function to parse it and return the results.

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