Jul 20, 2023

Drill-down view for Icinga web 2 based on custom variables

The Cube is a tiny but useful Icinga Web 2 module. It currently shows host statistics total count, health grouped by various custom variables in multiple dimensions.

It will be your new best friend in case you are running a large environment and want to get a quick answers to questions like

  • Which project uses how many servers per environment at which location/site?
  • Who occupies most servers?
  • How many of those are used in production?
  • Which project has only development and test boxes?
  • Which operating system is used for which project and in which environment?
  • Do we still have Debian Lenny?
  • Which projects are to blame for this?
  • Do we have applications where the operating systems used differ in staging and production?
  • Which project uses which operating system version for which application
  • Which projects have homogeneous environments?
  • Which projects are at a consistent patch level?
  • How many RHEL 6 variants 6.1, 6.2, 6.3… do we use?
  • Who is running the oldest ones? In production?
  • Which projects are still using physical servers in which environment?

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