Jul 20, 2023

Jira integration into Icinga Web 2

This module integrates an existing Jira installation in your Icinga Web 2 frontend.

Hassle-free deep integration with Atlassian Jira. Depending on your needs, this module is able to

  • create JIRA Issues for Problems detected by Icinga
  • create only one issue per problem
  • acknowledge Icinga Problems once a JIRA issue has been created
  • manually create Host- or Service-related JIRA issues
  • shows a Host/Service-related JIRA Issue History

And there is more. Use custom templates to trigger JIRA Workflows according your very own needs. This way you can automatically fill JIRA custom fields based on monitored system properties. This feature is mostly being used to assign monitored objects to their related CIs or to trigger dedicated customer-related workflows.

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