Jul 20, 2023

Nagios Service Check Acceptor

NSCA-ng provides a client-server pair which makes the Nagios command file accessible to remote systems. This allows for submitting passive check results, downtimes, and many other commands to Nagios or compatible monitoring solutions. The submitted data is queued by the NSCA-ng server if Nagios goes down. Multiple check results or commands can be submitted in one go, and multiline plugin output is fully supported. NSCA-ng uses TLS encryption and shared-secret authentication with per-client passwords, as well as fine-grained authorization control.

This package contains the NSCA-ng server, which is written in C and uses an event-driven architecture. Disk I/O is avoided unless the data cannot be submitted in one go due to its size on Linux, the threshold is 4kB. In this case, the data is handed over to Nagios via asynchronously written files.

NSCA clients cannot talk to NSCA-ng servers nor vice versa, but NSCA and NSCA-ng servers can happily run side by side.

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