Jul 20, 2023

Retrieve data from different models of TL1 devices

This module supports the ability to retrieve data from several different models of TL1 devices. Explictly supported devices include the following

  • Cisco ONS15327
  • Cisco ONS15454
  • Cisco ONS15808
  • Nortel OME 6500
  • Nortel HDXc
  • Ciena CoreDirector
  • Infinera DTC
  • Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7500

Each specifically supported device has its own GRNOCTL1Device module, which sets the default port and prompt used for that device. They also may each export their own unique commands on top of what is already provided in GRNOCTL1Device. Raw commands and output can be sent and received, or output can be parsed via the parse function, or by calling a function for that device.

WWW http//www.sourceforge.net/projects/routerproxy

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