Jul 20, 2023

Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ

Rancid monitors a router’s or device’s configuration, including software and hardware cards, serial numbers, etc, using CVS. Rancid currently supports Bay routers, Cisco routers, Juniper routers, Catalyst switches, Foundry switches, Redback NASs, ADC EZT3 muxes, MRTd and thus likely IRRd, Alteon switches, HP Procurve switches, Hitachi routers.

Rancid logs into each of the devices in a router table file, runs various commands, chomps the output, and emails any differences from the previous collection to a mail list.

A looking glass is also included with rancid, based on Ed Kern’s in use on http//nitrous.digex.net/. Rancid version has added functions, supports Cisco, Juniper, and Foundry and uses the login scripts that come with rancid; so it can use rsh, telnet, or ssh to connect to your routers.

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