Jul 20, 2023

Threaded SNMP polling daemon which stores data in RRDs

RRDBot is an SNMP polling daemon which writes the polled values to an RRD database. It can poll many different SNMP sources in an efficient manner.

It has no large external dependencies, and its configuration is stored in text files. It has full support for MIB definition files and using textual MIBs instead of numerical OIDs.

A nice feature is the querying of SNMP tables without using a specific index. Indexes of the rows in an SNMP table may change from time to time, and are less than ideal for long term tracking of a given value. For example RRDBot can query the traffic on your router based on the ‘xl0’ interface name.

RRDBot also contains tools to simplify the creation of RRD files, and the various archives contained in them.

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