Jul 20, 2023

Data Series Processing Framework - think mrtg with xml configs

Torrus is designed to be the universal data series processing framework. Although most users deploy Torrus for SNMP monitoring, it might be useful for data series of any nature. Tobi Oetiker’s RRDtool is used for data storage.

* Configuration compiler and validator. It processes the XML configuration
  files and saves the configuration into a database.
* View renderer and the web interface. They generate HTML and the graphical
  representation of the datasources and provide user authentication and
  authorization. All generated output is controlled by the configuration
  parameters and templates. The users can easily create their own
  presentation of data series.
* SNMP Collector. Modular collector core architecture allows further
  extension with new collector and storage types. Any datasource can have
  its own polling schedule.
* SNMP Device Discovery Tool. Devdiscover is a new, modular, flexible, and
  expandable tool for automatic generation of Torrus configuration files.
  New device types and MIBs are easily added as independent Perl modules.
* Threshold monitor. All data, regardless of their type and nature, can be
  monitored according to the user-defined rules. The rules can also include
  the datasource-specific parameters, e.g. boundary values etc. The
  thresholds are specified by RPN expressions.

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