Jul 20, 2023

Polish thesaurus

Polish thesaurus

The FreeBSD operating system comes with a wide range of software packages also known as ports that users can install based on their preferences and needs. One of these insightful and necessary ports is the mythes FreeBSD port. Representing a broad collection of thesauri in varying languages, this tool can help users in multiple ways, especially as part of the OpenOffice/LibreOffice suites. This particular article intends to provide a deep dive into the mythes FreeBSD port for Polish.

The mythes port comprises a polish thesaurus extension for and compatible office suites like LibreOffice. Both academic and professional writers find it beneficial, as it helps to find synonyms and explore Polish vocabulary. Before diving into how to use this software, let’s see how to install it.


In FreeBSD, the ports collection is like a large repository of over 20,000 third-party software applications in ready-to-install format. To install the mythes port, follow these steps

First, navigate to the ports directory where mythes is located

cd /usr/ports/textproc/mythes/

Then, install the mythes software as

make install clean

Behind the scenes, this command downloads the required files, compiles the software, and finally installs it on your system. It might take a while based on your network and system speed.


With mythes installed, the users can now use it within their OpenOffice or LibreOffice suites. To use the thesaurus feature in these editors, right-click on whichever word you’d like to find synonyms. Select the ‘Synonyms’ option from the drop-down menu. A new window will pop up showing you an array of synonyms to choose from. Here, mythes is used to provide those synonyms in Polish.

It’s important to note that mythes only provides the capability for the thesaurus in For it to work, you’ll need the corresponding dictionary installed as well.

Benefits and Applications

There are various benefits to using mythes FreeBSD port. For instance, its broad adaptation in makes it highly useful not only for language learners but also writers, linguists, and translators working in Polish. It improves the user’s linguistic diversity, aids in better communication, and facilitates a better understanding of the Polish language.

Apart from the individual perks, mythes is a vital tool for educators working in a language learning environment. It aids teachers in helping students understand the complexity and beauty of the Polish language. Furthermore, as OpenOffice and LibreOffice are open-source software, using mythes there contributes to and supports the open-source community.

Given the varied applications and benefits of mythes, it’s clear that the FreeBSD port serves as an indispensable tool in certain domains. Users who love FreeBSD for its superior security features [nmap]https// being an impressive port for this would undoubtedly find mythes equally beneficial.

To sum it up, mythes is yet another FreeBSD utility that stands as a testament to the versatility and comprehensiveness of the FreeBSD Ports Collection. Installing it and using it is straightforward, and the benefits it provides to users working with the Polish language are immense. It truly showcases the diversity and adaptability of the FreeBSD operating system.

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