Jul 20, 2023

Digital logic designer and circuit simulator


  • Visualization of signal states with measurement graphs.
  • Single gate mode to analyze oscillations.
  • Analysis and synthesis of combinatorial and sequential circuits.
  • Simple testing of circuits You can create test cases and execute them to verify your design.
  • Includes a simple editor for finite state machines FSM. A FSM can then be converted to a state transition table and a circuit implementing the FSM.
  • Contains a library with the most commonly used 74xx series integrated circuits
  • Supports generic circuits. This allows the creation of circuits that can be parameterized when used. In this way, it is possible, for e.g., to create a barrel shifter with a selectable bit width.
  • Supports large circuits The “Conway’s Game of Life” example consists of about 2400 active components and works just fine.
  • It is possible to use custom components which are implemented in Java and packed in a jar file. See this example for details.
  • Simple remote TCP interface which e.g. allows an assembler IDE to control the simulator.
  • Components can be described using VHDL or Verilog. The open source VHDL simulator ghdl needs to be installed to simulate a VHDL defined component, and the open source Verilog simulator Icarus Verilog is required to simulate a Verilog defined component.

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